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Path to Healing MS
5-day Free Online Workshop

  • Discover the Root Cause MS

  • Learn the Exact Steps of the Life-Changing Starve, Kill, Detox Protocol

  • Start Healing Immediately 

  • Save Yourself Time, Money, & Energy by Learning From My 15 Year Journey.

Imagine if you finally had a step-by-step plan that showed you EXACTLY what to do to heal your body. 

Well now you do!
I did it and so can you.
We'll do it together.

Success Stories

UPDATE!! This is why no matter what is going on in your life you don’t give up. Those that saw my first video know this is even more exciting. I’ve used a Walker for over 3 years. Don’t ever give up!! - Ginger

Workshop Agenda

Day 1


12 pm ET

Your Body is NOT Attacking Itself! You CAN Heal! 

Learn the Truth Behind Your Symptoms and How to Begin Healing Immediately.

Once You SEE the Target, the Reason for Your Symptoms, Then You Can Launch an Attack of Your Own!

Day 2


12 pm ET

The Morning Routine to Eliminate Brain Fog and Gain More Energy.

An Easy Way to Start the Day That Will Set Your Body Up For All Day Energy and Immediately Begin to Clear the Fog.

Healing Can Only Happen When You Have the Energy to Do All the Things. Let's Get You That Energy!

Day 3


12 pm ET

Learn How To Flood Your Body With The Real Superheros that WILL Accelerate Your Healing.

Learn How to Eat to Heal Your Body WITHOUT feeling deprived.

Enjoy Life, Enjoy Food, Heal Your Body and Get on the Path to Healing with Tools You Will Use for the Rest of Your Life!


Day 4


12 pm ET

Are Negative Thoughts Getting in the Way of Your Healing?

Are You Pushing Through the Boundaries of Your Comfort Zone with Ease or Struggle? 

Learn How to Harness the Healing Power of your Thoughts from Mindset Expert, Author, and MS Conqueror, Matt Rowe of Identity of Health.


Day 5


12 pm ET

Learn How To Navigate the Peaks and Valleys of the Healing Process To Accelerate Your Progress and Keep You Motivated!

Learn How to Evolve into the Process to Avoid Overwhelm and Set Back.

Get a Sneak Peek into the Path to Healing Group Coaching Program


Hi, I'm Jeanene

At 26 years old, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. For years after, I suffered daily with debilitating symptoms. 

The mother of two young children, I struggled with the simplest of daily tasks and routines, often needing others to care for my basic needs.  My condition deteriorated steadily until I lost mobility. 

Using a cane to walk and sometimes needing a wheelchair due to the paralysis in my arms and legs, I lost hope.  I thought there was nothing I could ever do to stop the downward spiral of devastating symptoms that trapped me inside my weak body that I eventually grew to hate. 


As my body failed me and refused to obey my brain’s commands, my sense of powerlessness swallowed me whole.  Unable to express myself through my broken body, my once lively spirit began to die.  As my illness robbed me of the ability to be the mother I always dreamed of being, I lost my sense of purpose. 


Then it rock-bottom “aha” moment. One day, my husband left me alone with our 2-year-old daughter.  While walking over to show me a toy, she tripped on the area rug and hit her head on the coffee table.  It was a hard hit that stunned both of us.  She cried so hard that no sound came out until she caught her breath and then she screamed for me. With her arms reaching for me, she cried "momma, peas."  I was paralyzed in both my arms and legs at that time so I couldn't get to her no matter how hard I tried to wiggle and twist my useless body out of that chair.    


I could barely move, but in that moment, I used every ounce of strength I could find to get my body on the floor with her.  When I got down to her level, I couldn’t even hug her. My fucking arms didn’t work.  All I could do was place my cheek against hers and cry with her as she wrapped her little arms around my neck.  I remember the feeling of her tears on my cheek. The heartache was more than I could bare.  Something inside me broke.  Maybe it was my heart, but in that moment, I decided I'm fucking done with this bullshit MS. 


So I gave myself an ultimatum:  “You can either live with MS or you can be a mother.  You can’t do both.” It was in that moment, I decided I would get better no matter what it took.  If it took a miracle, I wouldn’t stop until I found one. 


From then on, my mind was set firmly on my recovery.  I quit my job of 11 years and educated myself in every aspect of physical and mental health. 


The more I searched, the more I found new options and I tried every single one of them.  I came across the story of two women who had healed themselves of MS symptoms using just nutrition and I thought, “If they can do it, I sure as hell can too." 


From there, I never looked back.  It's been 18 years since my diagnosis and I have regained my health, married the love of my life, had a third child, and made it my life’s mission to teach people what I have learned.  I went from broken to badass and I want the same for you, for everyone, because no one should ever have to suffer.  It's completely unnecessary! Though no one tells us how to heal.  Well, not anymore.  YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN HEAL!!


You DO have choices,

you CAN heal your body,

and I will show you exactly

HOW to do it!

Win Daily Prizes and a Chance to Win the Grand Prize of $200 Off the 4-Month Path to Healing Group Coaching Program.

My two little kids are what kept me going all those years I was stuck in bed.  They are 20 and 17 today. And by the grace of God, my husband and I welcomed our much anticipated baby boy (his first, my third) in March 2022.  Yep, I'm 45 and doing it all over again!  I've made my body healthy and redesigned my life, but this time...ON MY TERMS. Back when I had symptoms, I lived a life with no choices, no independence and very little self-worth. Today, I get to teach you how to heal your body and create the life of your dreams just like I did. I never thought this life was possible, but healing and having the life of your dreams IS POSSIBLE FOR EVERYONE, and I want to show you exactly how to heal your body so you can start designing your new life, on your terms.

Let's get your independence back!

Me & My Love

This workshop is for you if you...

...know your body can heal, but just don't know what to do or where to start.

...were told your body is attacking itself, but that just doesn't sit right with you.

...want to learn how to heal from MS so you can teach others how to do the same.   

...are looking for an alternative to conventional medication, but you're afraid to go it alone.  

...just want to see for yourself if healing from MS is really possible.  



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