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Multiple Sclerosis?
Not Sure Where to Start?

Then you're in the right place.

This free Morning Routine guide will give you the energy and clarity you need to keep going on your path to healing.  


Getting started is the hardest part when you don't have any energy and the brain fog overwhelms your mind leaving you feeling confused and hopeless. 


I get it. I've been there and I found a way out.

This free guide is taken directly from the first module of my Path to Healing MS 4-month protocol.  It's a simple morning routine that actually moves the needle.

Inspired by the Medical Medium book series, this information has given people their life back, their independence, and their sense of self-worth.

Want more free information on how to heal your symptoms? 

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My Story…
At 26 years old, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. For years after, I suffered daily with debilitating symptoms.  The mother of two young children, I struggled with the simplest of daily tasks and routines, often needing others to care for my basic needs.  My condition deteriorated steadily until I lost mobility.  Using a cane to walk and sometimes needing a wheelchair due to the paralysis in my arms and legs, I lost hope.  I thought there was nothing I could ever do to stop the downward spiral of devastating symptoms that trapped me inside my weak body that I eventually grew to hate.  

"Utterly defeated, I no longer recognized my life as my own."  
As my body failed me and refused to obey my brain’s commands, my sense of powerlessness swallowed me whole.  Unable to express myself through my broken body, my once lively spirit began to die.  As my illness robbed me of the ability to be the mother I always dreamed of being, I lost my sense of purpose.  Then it rock-bottom “aha” moment. One day, while walking over to show me a toy, my two-year-old daughter fell down right in front of me and hit her head on the coffee table on the way down.  She cried so hard no sound came out until she caught her breath and then she screamed for me.  I was paralyzed in both my arms and in my legs.  I could barely move, but in that moment, I used every ounce of strength I had to get to her.  When I got down to her level, I couldn’t even hug her. My arms didn’t work.  All I could do was place my cheek against hers and cry with her as she wrapped her little arms around my neck.  It was in that moment that I gave myself an ultimatum: 

“You can either live with MS or you can be a mother.  You can’t do both.”
It was in that moment, that I decided I would get better no matter what it took.  If it took a miracle, I wouldn’t stop until I found one.  From that moment on, my mind was set firmly on my recovery.  I quit my job of 11 years, quit smoking, and educated myself in every aspect of physical and mental health.  The more I searched, the more I found new options and I tried every single one of them.  I came across the story of two women who had healed themselves of MS symptoms using just nutrition and I thought,

“If they can do it, I sure as hell can too."
From there, I never looked back.  It's been 16 years since my diagnosis and I have regained my health, soothed my soul, and made it my life’s purpose to help others on their journey to health.  I went from broken to badass and I want the same for you, for everyone. 

You DO have choices, you CAN heal your body, and with God by our side, I will do everything I can to help you.

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The Morning Routine to Get Energy and Eliminate Brain Fog

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