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The Mission

"Every idea in this world starts with a vision and that comes from one person.  To make it happen, that idea must be shared."

The goal at Minding Your Soul is to create a world-wide network of people teaching other people how to heal themselves.  Those people will then expand the network of healers by teaching others to do the same. Our knowledge and inspiration will spread like a new virus until one day, no one remembers a time when our world didn’t know how to heal itself.  There will be no illness, no disease, no fear. We will have taken back our power. 

"As you begin to love yourself, you will find that pain and suffering were only warning signs that you were living against your truth." - Charlie Chaplin

1.  Our beliefs and actions go against what we’ve been taught since childhood.  Against what the government says is healthy.

2.  We use our God-given food supply to heal our bodies and minds.

3.  We build each other up. No one who wants to learn will be left behind.  We will carry you until you are strong enough to walk if that’s what you need.

4.  We’re called crazy because we don’t take the easy way.  We speak about truths that are normally shunned in society.  We take the road that’s longer and harder because we know that true happiness, peace, and love is what's waiting at the end. 

5.  We believe every human can be healthy and live each day with ease, health, and peace.

6.  We refuse to work with those who are not open to a new way, who do not question the status quo, those who follow rules they don’t believe in, and most importantly we will not work with those who do not speak their truth. 

"The power is already inside us.  We just need to unleash it."  

The Business

Yes, this is my business and I do need to support my family and yes, every business coach has told me I'll never have a successful business if I give it all away for free.  But if you know me, you know I love to challenge the status quo.  So of course, I called bullshit on that and figured out how to give it all away for free AND make a living.  


So here's the rebellious blueprint...


The Minding Your Soul Facebook group is a free public group and is the platform I use to give you ALL of the information you need to heal. I go live every week with an hour-long training.  I call this the Wednesday Live at 5.  It happens every Wednesday at 5pm ET.  Jump on and ask questions or watch the recording later on YouTube.


The protocol I created to heal the body gently and quickly is called the Starve, Kill, Detox Protocol.  I named it this because I don't have a creative bone in my body so I just named it for what it does. In order to heal from MS, you must starve the virus, kill it with your powerful immune system, and then detox it out of your body.  See, not very creative, but it works.   

The group coaching program is an a la cart course that lets you choose the areas you want to focus on.  Want to do them all and save some money, enroll in the monthly subscription and save 20%.

Want to see the results of such a rebellion?

Check out the success stories of those who were here before you.

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