Celebrating those who transformed their lives.
Working with Jeanene has been an absolute blessing.  She has literally helped me to navigate my way back to health and make the right choices to accelerate my healing.  She really understands and has the ability to empathize and assist.  I am eternally grateful as the last 18 month have literally been life changing, THANK YOU! 
 T. Kad
"Loved your live today. Always so much great info. I’m learning a lot from you in this short time I met you . I appreciate you . So tomorrow will be my Day 4. I started this on Monday even when I felt like sh*t.  Woke up with the worst migraine and I still did this regimen. So far I haven’t had a Headache or migraine since Tuesday . Omg two days with no head pain!!  I’m so excited for this after last week having a headache/migraine for eight days in a row was just too much."
- Angela H.
"I already feel better and slimmer. My symptoms are diminishing more and more. Thank you for giving me the enlightening information about the harm that gluten is causing. That was the missing last straw for me. I'm sending you hugs. All the best!" ❤⚘
- Meri L 
"Jeanene your system rocks my world...never would’ve guessed this possible , especially at the ripe age of 56....Quite the blessing! I love to pay it forward now"  
- Steve R.
Jeanene...I just want you to know how much my life has changed since I met you. I remember one of the first questions you asked me was about my career goals. I said I wanted to become an elementary school principal. I had the certification for many years but never sought a leadership position because of my health. I remember saying "How can I be a school leader when I am constantly out sick!" I want you to be one of the first to know that as of this morning, I have applied for several principal positions. Whether I get interviews or even secure a position actually doesn't matter...what is important is you helped me discover my "Why's" and gave the tools for the "HOW!" Words can't express my gratitude for guidance and support in bringing me back to life. Your own personal story and struggles were for a purpose...keep walking your path (because yes, you can walk now!) and shining your light...my world is so much brighter now in every way. Aside from my husband...you will be the first to know if I land my dream job! XOXO
-Elizabeth C.
"6 days in and I already feel amazing!"  - Anthony Spina


Listen to Anthony's story of how changing what he ate changed his entire life.

Diagnosed with MS in 1995, this incredible woman decided she would not follow in the same footsteps as the people before her.

Mary decided to take her own path, follow her intuition, and trust that she would heal. It took years of trial an error, but the entire time she never felt like a victim. She trusted her body was healing.

Mary is the author of Epiphany - My Story of Healing MS from A-Z. Her book is a collection of memoirs that guided her through her healing journey.