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Success Stories

"Jeanene...I just want you to know how much my life has changed since I met you. I remember one of the first questions you asked me was about my career goals. I said I wanted to become an elementary school principal. I had the certification for many years but never sought a leadership position because of my health. I remember saying "How can I be a school leader when I am constantly out sick!" I want you to be one of the first to know that as of this morning, I have applied for several principal positions. Whether I get interviews or even secure a position actually doesn't matter...what is important is you helped me discover my "Why's" and gave the tools for the "HOW!" Words can't express my gratitude for guidance and support in bringing me back to life. Your own personal story and struggles were for a purpose...keep walking your path (because yes, you can walk now!) and shining your world is so much brighter now in every way. Aside from my will be the first to know if I land my dream job! XOXO"  - Elizabeth C
I’ve been sick since I was 15 and just had my 60th birthday. I was diagnosed with many different things and in 2010 MS. We have spent so much money with nothing working until now. Let me tell you Jeanene Troutman has been through it and is very knowledgeable on helping you get well. This is why no matter what is going on in your life you don’t give up. Those that saw my first video know this is even more exciting. I’ve used a Walker for over 3 years. Don’t ever give up! I've used a walker for at least 4 years.  -Ginger
"In 2019 I was having the biggest relapse of my life. I couldn't walk, or write properly and had to work with a physio to learn how to walk again with the use of a cane as I was initially in a wheelchair, then a walker. Instinctively I knew there was something that was causing havoc in my body, and the Ocrevus treatment which I had had two doses of had to go (it made me feel so bloody awful I had to call my MS nurse and ask her if this was ‘normal’ to feel like) So I researched and tried so many different things the first to go was dairy products and in came sea moss and eating foods in its natural state thanks to Dr Sebi, MS Hope, and Dr Swank. I had recovered somewhat but it still wasn't enough so I continued searching. Then I ran into Jeanene on facebook.,
Something made me ask her loads of questions and she was happy to answer and literally told me her story, I was dumbfounded with her victory. Logic told me that ‘success leaves clues’ so why try and reinvent the wheel just copy,listen and learn which is literally what i do and will continue to. I couldn't believe how CJ had changed my life . I remember I called Jeanene screaming with excitement because I had managed to walk to the corner store (that was massive for me)!  I don't really post that much but I realize there is someone just like me that is looking for answers or who needs to see something tangible to believe it is possible. I'm not an expert, this is just my story. I do what I feel works for me with alot of trial and error!  I always remember that ‘I get to do this’ God gave me another chance and I use every opportunity to use the body he blessed me with. I've never jogged in my life, but I love it now! No matter what stage you are in, it is YOUR journey, be your own competition and understand that healing is not linear, but it will happen. EVERY improvement is a blessing. Don't undermine anything. It all adds up, trust me! Everything, no matter how small, is progress. Believe and receive." - Tina
"I found Jeanene last September online and started the program last October. I went gluten free, dairy free and egg free for little over a month and then started the heavy medal detox smoothie. I’ve had MS over 30 years and the week before Christmas I started to walk without the walker. It has been over 15 years since I have walked without support from a can or walker. No words to describe how it feels. This protocol really works everyone! Have faith your body can heal itself!" - Marj
"Keep believing in yourself and in this food protocol and that you can heal my friends!! Last 15 years and especially the past several years I never thought I’d run/jog again!! Jeanene Troutman and Matt Rowe are changing my life!!  I hadn't jogged in 15-17 years and had major walking issues last year. Jeanene Troutman's protocol works!! So grateful for her and Matt."  Keep the faith my peeps! Love you all!" - Dawn
"I already feel better and slimmer. My symptoms are diminishing more and more. Thank you for giving me the enlightening information about the harm that gluten is causing. That was the missing last straw for me. I'm sending you hugs. All the best!" - Meri
"Jeanene your system rocks my world...never would’ve guessed this possible , especially at the ripe age of 56....Quite the blessing! I love to pay it forward now." - Steve 
"Loved your live today. Always so much great info. I’m learning a lot from you in this short time I met you . I appreciate you . So tomorrow will be my Day 4. I started this on Monday even when I felt like sh*t.  Woke up with the worst migraine and I still did this regimen. So far I haven’t had a Headache or migraine since Tuesday . Omg two days with no head pain!!  I’m so excited for this after last week having a headache/migraine for eight days in a row was just too much." - Angela
"Working with Jeanene has been an absolute blessing.  She has literally helped me to navigate my way back to health and make the right choices to accelerate my healing.  She really understands and has the ability to empathize and assist.  I am eternally grateful as the last 18 month have literally been life changing, THANK YOU!"  - TK 
"Six days in and I already feel amazing!" - Anthony S.
Listen to what happened in less than 8 weeks when Elizabeth gave her body what it needed to heal. She shares her incredible story of triumph and describes how she dove right into the Minding Your Soul healing protocol and started experiencing life-changing results almost immediately.
In her words...  "I am actually JOYFUL and MY GOD it feels so fantastic!  It comes with a new vocabulary too! Words like fantastic and joyful just didn’t exist in my world. Thank you, Jeanene. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!  I am celebrating you and that precious baby along with my improvements. I’m just f***ing amazed!!!!!!!!" - Elizabeth


Meet the woman who almost broke the internet with the video she posted of her walking on her own for the first time in over 3 years!
On today's Live at 5, Ginger shares her story of hope and healing with a genuine account of her experience navigating the peaks and valleys on her path to healing her body, mind, and soul.
"I just want people to know there is hope."

- Ginger Haney Anderson

"I took a real tub bath. Haven’t in 2+ Years, couldn’t get out of the tub. I stood right up like Jesus rising from the dead.(except He “probably” didn’t have to hold on to the sides) that was HUGE for me.  Not only am I seeing physical improvements get this, one day I realized - get this-  My God! I’m happy! I have hope! Wtf?  Jeanene, I was having some major suicidal thoughts/feelings. I was about 85% hopeless. 100% miserable with a 900% shitty attitude.  I’m like a freaking new person. I don’t wanna jinx it but I think I am actually JOYFUL and MY GOD it feels so fantastic! - Elizabeth D.
Traci spent 4 years in a wheelchair before finding Minding Your Soul. She enrolled in the group coaching program in October 2022 and posted this video 6 months later of her walking for the first time in 4 years!  Here are her words... "I am so thankful to have found this group and so blessed to have the inspiration of all the wonderful people here share. In just 6 months went from 4 years in a wheelchair to starting to walk I could never have gotten here with out the Path to Healing are all amazing"  -Traci D.
Bedridden for 15 years, Arden finally found Minding Your Soul and, in only two years, now goes dancing EVERY week and even takes her grand kids to the beach! In this interview, you will hear her story of becoming symptom-free and how incredible life is after MS.
Angelica was the first person who reached out to Jeanene to learn more about the virus and the possibility of healing. She's the reason Minding Your Soul as you know it exists today.  Three years later, here she is telling her story of healing.

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